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All current technology will eventually be considered “old news”. Yet, sometimes it’s hard to remember that as you are using the latest and greatest gadget or advancement.

Take transportation by airplane. How cool is it that we can board a plane in one city and fly to another. I did that this past weekend, flying “from sea to shining sea” (North Carolina to California).

Yet, while it was cool and all, think of what we will think in 50 years. In 200 years.

We will look back on waiting in an airport for hours, slowly boarding a crowded plane, feeling a bit sick, flying for hours, then landing and gathering our bags and say:

“I can’t believe we used to travel like that!”

In the early 1800s, when transportation by train was just becoming a thing, people thought it was silly and some said it would never go as fast as a stagecoach (pulled by horses).

People rarely travel by horses these days.

Similar things were said of automobiles. Then of airplanes.

Its hard to realize that our “feeling that we are so technically advanced” in our day is much the same as how people felt in the 1800s, 1600s, and probably every year for all time, ever.

Yet tack on another 200 years and people will look back and see it as old tech.

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that the things we use today will one day be considered “old fashioned”.