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Great Links

Seriously Stellar Articles

Cool idea: Answer Customers’ Questions
Story of Starting Zero Cater
Do Less and Focus More
How to Build Online Businesses That Gross $250,000+ Per Month
How to Give a Killer Presentation
Why Giving Matters

Long Reads

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold
The Chef who Saved my Life
I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It.


How to Master Your Life – “Stop holding out for perfect”
The Best Way to Get Unstuck

Inspiring Work

Salih Kucukaga Design Studio


$26,679 in 24 hours: Stats from my latest book launch – Stats from ebook sales, Nathan Barry


HTML Entities Reference – how to write &, ×, ©, etc. in HTML
ems, pixels, or % for font?
Site Color Inspiration

Free Images

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Interface for browsing sources of free images, icons, videos, etc.
Collection of all the free images
Flickr Creative Commons
Public Domain
500px Creative Commons
New Old Stock
Pic Jumbo
The Pattern Library
Get Refe
22 others
Stock Snap
List from Reddit
Stock Snap
New Old Stock
Foodies feed – food images
ISO Republic
Smithsonian Open Access – millions of free images from the Smithsonian
Old Book Illustrations – public domain images scanned from old books, etc.

Free Fonts/Icons

Font Squirrel – free fonts, both personal and commercial use
Font Awesome – free icons
Feather Icons
Icons – from Google
Material Design Icons
Ion Icons
Simple Icons – logos of popular brands

Other Free Design Resources

Softies – icons, attribution required
Graphic Burger – For both personal and commercial use
Freebies Bug
unDraw – Free illustrations

Free Music (personal and commercial)

YouTube Audio Library – Some downloadable, others must use within YouTube video editor
NoiseTrade – Free music from thousands of artists
BBC Sound Effects – for research, education, and personal use


SEO Site Structure
SEO Strategy
Cost reference 1
Cost reference 2
Cost reference 3
Cost reference 4


Code Academy
Khan Academy
Code School
Become a Graphic Designer in 5 Minutes
Method of Action – Learn design through a series of challenges
Hack Design
A Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS
An Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS
Are You Making the Most Common Pricing Mistake? – Great advice on pricing
Does It Generate Income? – Online case studies of money making businesses


Startup Marketing – How to Get Your First 1000 Customers
Instructions for set up of custom email management via Gmail – These are instrucitons for Bluehost, but still apply in most other situations. I also find that leaving the “Treat as alias” is a good idea
Awesome List of Tools for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers
EchoSign – digitally sign documents
Trello – keeping track of leads and clients
Toggl – time tracking
Invoiceable – invoices
Google Hangouts – screen sharing with clients
Genius Scan for iPhone – use your iPhone as a scanner
Hack Design
Contrast Rebellion
Favicon Creator
A Litmus Test for Your Ideas
Are Coders Worth It?
How to Manage a Remote Team
How to turn a simple idea into a high-growth company – Cool story about the beginnings of
What “no” means
Why “Product First” is the Better Way to Build a Profitable Audience
Before you try to recruit a technical co-founder
How Software Companies Die – by Orson Scott Card
TED – Ideas Worth Spreading
Animoto – Video Slideshow Creation – Screen Sharing
Verbling – Practice Languages
Are You Making the Most Common Pricing Mistake? – Great advice on pricing
Does It Generate Income? – Online case studies of money making businesses
Want a Better Pitch? Watch This – 5 Steps to a better pitch
Webaim – Good information on how to make your website more accessible
Adam Greene Interview – Bibliotheca Bible Kickstarter
How can I find someone to help me?
The Warren Buffett Formula – How you can get smarter
Good guide to SEO