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What would you do with $20 million?

Would you retire and travel the world and live in splendor?

Would you buy a yacht and a big house and a crazy expensive car?

Would you spend it all in a few years and live like money was no big deal?

Would you save it? waste it? hoard it? give it away?

I think I know what I would do.

I would set things up so I could live for the rest of my life not having to worry about money anymore. I’d invest and save and set things up in such a way that even if I didn’t make one more penny for the rest of my life, my family and I would be just fine. I’d just remove money from the equation entirely so I could focus 100% on other things.

Then I would launch a company. It would be self-funded. I’d give a set amount, say $1MM and thats it. Then I’d run it like I would any startup I’d run – with passion. If that one did well, I’d make sure I did some awesome donating, and I’d start another company. I have so many ideas I’d like to pursue even now.

I’d give, I’d help, I’d create, I’d serve, I’d make sure I make a positive difference for all of my life.

I really don’t think the money would ruin me. Money is just money – it doesn’t make me happy or sad. But it is definitely something that seems to keep me from doing what I really want to be doing. I wish I could pursue my dream job right now really. Why can’t I? Well, my company wouldn’t be profitable for quite some time and I would need something to live off of. I can’t afford to make no money for months because I don’t have enough money saved up.¬†Sure wish I did.

What would you do with $20MM?