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There are a few things that I personally update every 1-3 years. I’m talking about my LaptopCariPhone, and Wardrobe. This practice of mine has evolved over time after dealing with a few too many car troubles, slow computers, or closet packed with dejected clothing. Allow me to break each one down a bit:




As you probably know, computers can be fickle things. They work great when you first buy them, but then after a while they start getting slow and just don’t work like they used to. I like having a fast computer. I like knowing its under warrantee. Thats why I plan to just buy a new(ish) laptop every 1 or 2  years. That way I can still get a great price out of my old one and get a used one that is still under Apple’s one year Apple Care warrantee.

Estimated cost: $200 – $300



Cars have the same issues as laptops, they are good and reliable the first few years you get them, but after the miles start piling up, things start breaking down and they really start loosing their value. I just like to drive a car that works well, will always start in the winter, doesn’t have alignment issues, etc. I don’t need the most expensive car, just something nice that I can rely on. So I plan on getting a new-used car every 2 or 3 years (maybe 4). I probably won’t buy off the lot from a dealer, I will probably buy a car that is one year old and save several thousand, and replace it every 2 or 3 years.

Estimated cost: $4,000 – $5,000



To some, getting a new iPhone every year or two may seem a little unnecessary. You’re old one works fine right? so why get a new one? Well, my reasons are:

  1. A new phone is less likely to have problems than an old phone. I don’t like to wonder if my phone is going to have problems.
  2. The new features of the newer phone (faster processer, better camera, better graphics, better battery life, better connectivity, etc.) are well worth it to me. A better and faster iPhone can make me better and faster since I do so many things with my iPhone.
  3. New phone comes with a warrantee. I’ve made it this far with my old phone and nothing has broken – whew! But I don’t want to take on the risk anymore. I like the peace of mind that comes with a 1 year warrantee on a new phone.
  4. The $200 – $250 to upgrade is well worth it. I usually sell my phone for $200 or $250 and buy a slightly used, but still under warrantee, phone for $400 or $450.

Estimated cost: $200 – $250



Regularly getting a new wardrobe may seem vain, but I also bet you think this song is about you, don’t you…

Styles change. Clothes wear out. First impressions are important. And the way you dress can say things about you.

Now I want to clearly state that I’m not obsessed with style or with clothes,  only that I do like to look good…sharp…nice.

I think every few years, its a good idea to go through your wardrobe and get rid of a few items, and get a few new things. I fully support buying things on sale and at a discount, just stay up to date. If you don’t, you’ll still look like you are in high school and you’ll gradually accumulate closets full of things that you just can’t seem to get rid of. Take the time to refresh your wardrobe at least every year or two. You’re spouse will thank you, your boss will thank you, and your self image will thank you. I truly believe that looking good can help you feel good.

Estimated cost: $250 – $350

[Image of man in suit via Esquire]