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How regularly do you change and optimize your daily/weekly schedule?

I make significant adjustments once per month on average. It’s not that I’m impossible to please, its just that at different times in my life, different schedules work better than others. Life events, new jobs, new gym memberships, and new goals can all lead to schedule changes. And it just so happens that I’ve experiences all of those in the past four months. I got married four months ago, I’ve made several adjustments in my work, we joined a gym, and I have three New Year’s resolutions that I’m striving to keep. Hence, a new schedule:


6:45-7:45 . . . Write 1000 words, breakfast

7:45-8:30 . . . Personal scripture study, scripture study with my wife

8:30-9:30 . . . Go to the gym

9:30-10 . . . . . Shower and get ready

10-6 . . . . . . . .Work

6-10 . . . . . . . . Various

10:45 . . . . . . . Ideally be asleep, having written in my journal sometime before bed

Starting work at 10 is going to be a change for me, but I wasn’t exercising regularly, so I needed to move exercise to the morning. If I worked 9-5 and went to the gym from 5-6, that is the same as going to the gym in the morning and working until 6. But exercising in the morning is an easier habit for me to keep, and it seems to make my day go better. I eat better, my mind feels more sharp, and I have more energy. Isn’t that odd? Exert more energy in the morning and have more energy throughout the day. Weird, but it works for me.

I also switched my weight lifting days to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday since I have been playing basketball on Wednesday evening and haven’t been able to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday weight lifting schedule. Hopefully that will work better.

And this 1,000 words per day thing has been challenging, so I need to be sure I’m scheduling time for it. But I really enjoy it. And writing in the morning has been great for me.