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On the morning of March 21, I published a blog post titled Craigslist May Not Be a Good Way to Get Clients, but KSL Sure Is.

Well, looks like I can’t post ads on KSL like I used to, so that post is history.

You see, just hours later that very same day, I received an email from KSL Classifieds Support (EMAIL #1 below) informing me that they had removed my ads because they were posted in the wrong section (the “Classifieds” section when they were supposed to be posted in the “KSL Local” section).

So I decided to write a response and share my thoughts about the whole thing. My response in EMAIL #2 below

Their reply to my email can be seen below in EMAIL #3.

The frustrating thing is that if you search for “wordpress” on the KSL Classifieds site, you’ll still see results listing services, much like the ads I was posting.


KSL Classifieds Support, Mar 21 01:06pm:

Dear KSL Classified Customer:

Your service ad has been removed from KSL Classifieds due to the ad being listed in the wrong section.  The Classifieds section is meant for selling a specific item for a specific price – your ad appears to be offering a service.

KSL Local was created in 2011 to make it easy for customers to find reliable service providers.  Customers can now search and sort by location, distance, reviews, ratings, coupons and more. List your business on KSL Local today!

Just a few reasons why listing in KSL Local will help your business:

  • List your business for free including links to your website, pictures, video, coupons, and Facebook links
  • Link directly to your site from KSL Local which quickly gets customers to you and positions you higher in Google search results
  • Get your best customers to rate your services leading to more prospects calling you looking for the same great level of service
  • Be listed in the new KSL Local mobile app – let customers find you while they are on the go (KSL Local app coming in Fall 2012)
  • Cross promote your business into KSL Classifieds (your business must first be in KSL Local to do this, then work with a representative to get it in classifieds)
  • Create a database of potential customers to send text messages through the text platform provided by KSL Local

KSL Local visitors want to quickly find your business without having to sort through a list of classifieds products – listing on KSL Local helps your business stand out.

With over 100,000 leads generated each month and growing at over 50% – KSL Local is quickly becoming the most successful way to get your business found.

Get started today by listing your business on KSL Local.

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Have more questions regarding KSL Local? Click here to read our FAQ section.

Help us make KSL Local better – send your comments or suggestions to

NOTE:  Just in case we weren’t clear, if we find your service business posted in classifieds after receiving this notification, we reserve the right to suspend or ban your business from all  We don’t love that idea, so help us out and list your business in KSL Local.

For more detail please read the Classifieds posting rules:


Brady M, Mar 21 02:14 pm:

Just got an email removing 3 of my ads for being in the wrong section.

The ads were said to be “service ads”, and service ads are apparently not acceptable in the classifieds section.

May I just point to a blog post I wrote yesterday and posted just this morning (before my ads were taken down and before I received your email), where I praised posting to KSL Classifieds as being very effective. – Craigslist May Not Be a Good Way to Get Clients, but KSL Sure Is<>

I’ve received 5 calls and 3 emails over the past 7 days from my KSL ad alone.

I’d say thats effective. Far more effective than any of my KSL Local business listings that I have created in the past, received ONE client from, and subsequently deleted all the business listings because they weren’t effective.

The email I received from KSL Classifieds Support states: “With over 100,000 leads generated each month and growing at over 50% – KSL Local is quickly becoming the most successful way to get your business found.”

That may be true for some people, but it certainly hasn’t been the case for me.

Classifieds has been *incredibly* more successful.

And doesn’t it make sense that if 8 people in the last 7 days have contacted me through my classified ad on KSL, then surely quite a few people are using the *classifieds* to search for *services*?

Seems clear to me.

I’d love to talk about this further if you are interested.



Mar 25 11:48 am:


Thanks for your message. We appreciate your feedback and are constantly striving to make the site better. We’ll consider your suggestion.


Customer Support