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Finding good WordPress plugins is SUCH A PAIN!

Holy cow, you’d think that WP would have solved this problem already, but nope! They still have this “ok” search function within the plugins panel that allows you to search for a plugin, but gives you all kinds of varied results – none of which I’ve found really help me find a good plugin. Within the search page, you can’t filter by rating, can’t filter by most recent, can’t filter by number of downloads, nothing! The search results are just there. It is FRUSTRATING, and someone needs to fix it. Maybe that someone should be me.

Here is what I want:

Plugins organized by category (Slider, Menu, Analytics, SEO, Gallery, 10 Best, Social, Security, Forms, Newsletter, Sitemaps, Cache, Backup, etc.), and within each category, plugins would be arranged in order from most popular to least popular. Maybe just the top ten. “Popular” could be based on rating, or maybe downloads, or maybe a combination of the two.

Perhaps the lists would be curated. Have 3 or 4 curators that rank their top 5 plugins in each area and combine the lists to make a master list, and that is what is presented on the site. Update the site every month, and you are good to go.
Because right now the process of finding a good plugin is a combination of Google searches, WP plugin page searches, reading lists and articles online, and then testing 5 or 10 until you finally find one that works well with your site.

Sure there are thousands of plugins out there, but there are definitely a handful in each category that are better than others. For those of you that also find yourself using WordPress plugins quite frequently:

What is your best method of finding a good plugin? Any sites that you go to regularly?

What do you think about this idea? Advice?

I’d love to hear. Please leave a comment below.

(Looks like at least one person is looking for something in this space 🙂