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I just finished reading an article on The Verge called

Redesigning Google: how Larry Page engineered a beautiful revolution. It was really good. A little long. But good.

I have been pondering about a particular section about certain meetings held at Google.

The article stated:

“the way [UXA] work turns into actual product is a curious mix of informality and relentless work ethic. Speaking more generally about how design meetings go at Google, Wiley says “We get together, we have lunch, and we talk endlessly.”

Darren Delaye, lead designer on Google Maps for Mobile, told us that designers for various iOS apps have a “casual get-together, but on a very regular basis, to talk about feedback we have for each other and things we’ve tried.”

It made me think that I need to get together with awesome people for casual meetings like this. Find the best of the best, and spend time with them. Interact with them, talk about ideas, things you’ve tried, work you’ve done. Hopefully you’ll all help each other.

I have several friends like this, some live close, some live in other states, or on other continents, but I’d like to make a better effort to spend more time with those I know, and also make a better effort to meet and interact with more of these types of people.

It makes me think of some advice given by a local successful business man that went something like this:

“When you buy a home, move into the nicest home you can in a neighborhood around people who you want to be like. I know that is against conventional wisdom of buying only what you can afford, but the dividends of being around those people will pay off.”

So I need to not only work on finding amazing people to be around, but also work on being an amazing person so other amazing people will want to be around me too.