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I was offered a job today.

A programming job. The offer was quite interesting. And I quote:

“I’ll pay you to have me teach you programming.”

Yes, you read that correctly. He said he would pay me for him to teach me to code.


I was obliged to turn the offer down because I am fully committed to working with my good friend Chandler, plus to take the job I’d need to move to or commute to Ogden for at least four months, and that’s just not something I can do.

Regardless of the job offer, the conversation I had with this guy was really good — we share many of the same interests. And it was a really good reminder that I need to learn to code. He insisted, even criticized a bit (and rightfully so) that to do the stuff I want to do, I need to learn to code, and I’d be a fool to move to S.F. without knowing.

Now that I think about it, I should say it was another good reminder that I need to learn to code. This past Wednesday, I had a good friend of mine call me and we talked about what I was doing. The conversation was honest and he gave some welcome advice, of which was a strong encouragement and rebuking — I should add “reminder” as well — that I need to learn to code. I have known this friend for two years and he encouraged me to learn then. (this same friend wrote an article on the topic shortly thereafter)

Well, I haven’t. I need to. And big time.

I’m determined to. Now more than ever. Ive eliminated all of my other New Years Resolutions I was considering in favor of this one. I’m going to learn. I’m going to start this year.

Count on it.