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I recently saw a tweet about Hack Design – an easy to follow design course, so I took a look.

I’m going to join this for sure. I’ve looked enough to know that this is going to be great. I haven’t started yet, but I plan to start next week.

I’m doing this in part because I’ve decided I need to devot time each week to learning. I want to constantly improve my skills. Since I’ve finally reached a point where I can stay busy full time with client work, its easy for me to stop learning and just use my current skill set to make money.

But I’m not satisfied with that. And I know I won’t be satisfied with that one year from now.

I want to focus on learning design. I want to become good. My ultimate goal is NOT to create a job for myself, and to just make money. I want to create things. Great things. I want to connect with great people. I want to expand my mind and improve my talents. I want to launch a startup. Maybe even two. I want to get better and I want to learn new things.

I’m inspired by so many amazing people and by the wonderful things in the world around me. I just have a strong desire to do great things. So I’m not going to stop when I have done good things, I’m going to strive for great.