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This is a post about figuring out where to blog, where to post information, and when to use an external domain vs. a subfolder within my personal domain,

I’ve been struggling for a while to figure out what I should do with my website work. (I call it website work because it consists of WordPress consulting, brand consulting, design, working with Shopify and Squarespace, maintenance, and setting up external services like Mailchimp and PhotoShelter, and a slew of things in between.) I wonder if I should launch a separate domain for my website work or just keep it within as I have been doing for several years now.

I’d like to write more. Well, put more accurately, I’d like to blog more. But sometimes I am hesitant to publish what I write because I worry its not SEO worthy enough, or will be out of context for my clients, or a bunch of other things. I’ve already spent a lot of time working out when a post belongs on my personal, password protected blog and when it belongs on this site. For the most part, it works to post family updates and family-related-thoughts on my personal, password protected blog and everything else on this site, but I still struggle to know where a few posts belong. The random, quick thought type posts.

Now I’m wanting to write about virtual reality, freelancing, technology, Tesla cars, and life, and I sometimes wonder if I ought to launch an external domain for that type of stuff. I recently launched a site where I write about virtual reality called VTRAV, inspired by Swiss Miss, and that has been nice, but even there I wonder if I should just create a subdomain and filter all posts in the “virtual reality” category to appear there.

Ah the decisions. All of which seem to be causing me to blog less – which I don’t like.

So I’m trying to figure that out.

Then there are posts like this . . . a random, quick, and not-that-interesting-to-most post that I wonder if I should even post on my blog or not. Where does it belong?