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I have been trying to create a form using Gravity Forms that correctly accepts coupon codes, but couldn’t figure it out until now! I asked the Gravity Forms support team for help on this and received this response:

“If you do want the form to validate the coupon code, you will need to use that [gform validation] hook you mentioned. However, we are actively working on a coupon add-on that should help you out here. Keep an eye out on the blog for when it’s released.”

I don’t have enough know-how to implement the hook, so I decided to work on my conditional logic a bit more, and I figured out a solution for coupon codes that works!

I used a product field with a negative value that is hidden unless user enters a valid coupon code. Using the “conditional logic” option, this negative-value product field only shows when an active coupon code is entered (each active coupon code is set as an accepted value).

No discount is given until the user selects discounted price option PLUS enters a valid code in the “required” coupon code box.

Works great!