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Last night I decided I’m going to stop saying:

“I build websites.”

Instead I’m going to say:

“I create websites.”

I know it may be subtle difference, but for me its significant for two reasons:

#1 – I feel that “building” websites is more accurately attributed to the back-end programming of a website. In my mind, programmers build websites. Designers, on the other hand, create websites. And since I’m striving to be a designer, I should talk the talk and walk the walk.

#2 – I just like the word “create”. I like the way it sounds and what it makes me feel. It inspires me. It makes me want to do more “creating”. It makes me think more of design, usability, and efficient functionality. So I like that.

Its not a huge thing of course, but I think it will be a good mind set for me to have. “Create”