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Over the last 7 days, I’ve had 5 calls and 3 emails from my KSL ad. One has committed to be a client, and I’m confident that at least 3 more will. That’s 4 new clients from KSL.


And these are solid clients. Not the type of clients that most people expect to see from an ad on a classifieds site. Many people will have mentioned that they get some crappy clients from placing classifieds online, but I think the main reason for this is because they use Craigslist. I use Craigslist too, but am getting many more clients from KSL. And quality clients at that.

I typically place an ad for a basic website at a set price. If they want just the basic website, I give them that price. Typically, however, they ask about adding additional features, like e-commerce, custom forms, or custom design.

This leads to more clients and more work, and many of these clients add features to their basic website that brings in more work and revenue for me.

I had a partnership offer yesterday too.

Past 3 weeks have been SUPER slow, but the last 7 days are bringing me enough clients to keep me busy for at least a full month.