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Learning something new is usually a process of climbing a series of walls. It looks very daunting from the start. All you can see is the faces of the walls. Climbing is straight up. It’s hard. And you still can’t see anything. But when you get to the top of a wall (remember, it’s a series of them), you get a great view of what is behind you, you can see new things in front of you, and of can see, of course, the next wall.

But what a feeling when you get to the top of that first wall! You feel like your work is paying off.

Yesterday, I felt like I passed a wall in my process of learning design. I’ve been learning a lot, but its been a bit confusing. Then yesterday I felt like I passed a wall and could better understand how things fit together. It is a great feeling! It makes me anxious and excited to climb the next wall. I still have lots to learn, but I love to FEEL progress.