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From July 17th to Nov 13th, I ran a split test on the main button on my homepage. I wanted to see what text converted better between “My Work” and “Get in Touch”

split test homepage screenshot

I ran the split test using Divi theme’s built in split test feature, setting up two buttons, each with different text (and linking to the appropriate page – one to my contact form, the other to my portfolio). The test looked like this:

button split test admin

After nearly 4 months, these were the results:

  • “My Work” received 27 clicks
  • “Get in Touch” received 6 clicks

button split test graph

The “My Work” button was the clear winner, and clearly I also need to work on improving my clickthrough rate. I want to overhaul much of my website, but in the mean time I can run other split tests with the site I have: button color, font size, heading and subheading copy, background, etc.