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At one time, there were only two Apple fans in my family: my brother and I. He had been an Apple fan for a while, and I bought my first Apple products in 2010: an iPhone 4 and a 13″ Macbook Pro.

My family thought it was cool, but too expensive. Pretty, but too hard to learn. It was different. They didn’t see a need for the change. Often, my reasons and explanations fell on deaf ears.

But I am happy to see that many in my family are finally coming around. Now the majority of my family owns and loves Apple products. Almost everyone in my immediate family owns an iPhone. I’m helping my dad buy his first iMac and iPad within the next two weeks.  Even my brother who was always quick to point out the benefits of Droid over iPhone recently bought an iPhone 5, an iPad, and an iMac. He loves them.

I didn’t have to say too much. The products spoke for themselves.

Even my wife, who never thought she would want an iPhone, is looking forward to getting one herself.

I’m quite happy about it. Not because its a victory for me by any means. I’m just happy to see them using awesome, dependable stuff.