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I love I come across something that really interests me. Yesterday it was Safari Web View. Today it was Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP for short).

AMP is an open-source project, spearheaded by Google, with a goal to speed up mobile web pages. You can read more about the project on the Accelerated Mobile Web Pages website.

You can test it out here: AMP Demo.

Click that link on your mobile device, then type in a search term. If there are AMP results, you’ll see the articles in a carousel. If there aren’t any AMP pages to display, you won’t see the carousel so try a different search (“USA” for example).

WordPress is one of AMP’s technology partners and is working on a plugin “to support the AMP specification, enabling publishers to produce AMP-formatted content from WordPress” .

One of the things I’m personally frustrated with on the mobile web is pages continuing to load after I’ve already started reading – which often results in “jumps” in the page content as things move around and load.

Initially, the AMP project will focus on static content. The initial tests show performance improvements between 15% and 85% (source).

I’m excited to see how AMP will develop and be implemented web-wide. And I’ll likely be implementing it on my own website as soon as I can.