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I haven’t been all that into Bitcoin. In fact, I had signed off on Bitcoin and dismissed it as something that would fade into irrelevance.

I’ve since changed my tune, quite recently actually, and am now intrigued by Bitcoin – particularly its potential implications for commerce, security, finance, and enablement.

That, combined with several recent articles that have inspired me to launch something rather than so much brainstorming, planning, and thinking, brought me to creating a Bitcoin page. And rather than just a shell of something, I’ve taken my ideas and written them down on a Trello card, and then picked one and created it in less that one hour. (I even set a timer)

There I’ve provided easy access to the most common Bitcoin logos and graphics. Something that hopefully is useful to designers, developers … anyone really who needs to use Bitcoin logos and images for personal or business reasons.

Hopefully its useful and I hope to create additional great Bitcoin resources soon.