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I recently wrote a post about the connection distance between the iPhone and the Apple Watch. It has had had quite a few visits and comments – of which, one essentially said “Get to the point!

In his view, I could have just written: “What is the connection distance between the Apple Watch and iPhone? = 330 feet, in good conditions” and been done with my article – or at least have put that info at the top of the article.

I’ve thought about that comment since (though I’m keeping my article as is because I feel it was helpful to share my thought process) and definitely see how that is true in many cases.

Shortly after his comment, I read an article that I felt is a good example of concise writing:

The Hostile Email Landscape

It’s brief and to the point.

Seth Godin is another good example of concise writing.

Concise writing is one thing I’m working on.