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I read an article this morning that I think I ought to implement in my own freelancing career. The basic premis is: Stop searching for new clients and delight the one’s you have.

““How do you find new clients?”


Referrals are easier than cold calls. Referrals are free. And referrals are easy because your let others do the heavy lifting for you.

So treat your current clients like gold.

Not only will you likely see more business from them in the future, but you’ll also reap the benefits of referrals.”


I’m not going to go as far as to say I’ll stop searching for new clients entirely, . . . that would be stupid . . . but I am going to to focus more on my current clients and do a ROCKSTAR job with their projects. I’m also going to work on limiting the amount of revisions I give my clients, make sure I take the lead in the creative process and not have “too many cooks in the kitchen”, and focus on doing great work with what I have.

So far, 3 of my current clients have already either sent me more work or have talked to me about sending me more work. And that’s a great thing. That was a WHOLE lot easier than finding a new client from scratch. I bet I’ll have happier customers, and a happier me.

“Mmmm. That sounds good. I’ll have that.”