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Since my recent changes in site structure, I’ve been without a portfolio. And for a designer and WordPresser who wants to continue to land new jobs, thats not a good thing.

Previously, I used as a name and website for all of my design and WordPress work, but I decided to change that. I have been wanting to come up with a new name that I could use but as you probably know, picking a name is HARD! I know not everyone is this way but to me, a name is huge. My problem is I analyze it for too long. Take DesignToStartup for example. I had the idea to launch this site back in July of 2012. The biggest thing holding me up was what to name it. I finally decided on a name in December – five months later!

So rather than drag out this process of name choosing for five months, I decided to use a domain name I already owned and had intended to use for selling custom-made ties: I had considered using it as my portfolio site before, but was convinced I would still make ties someday. Part way through the process of choosing a new name, my wife reminded me about the domain and advised I use it. After careful though, I agreed.

And I’m glad I did too because otherwise I would spend many more hours trying to find a new name . . . hours that will instead be spent building my site, building my portfolio, and gaining new clients. Win.

This is what looked like previously:



For the design of my portfolio, I decided to use a free WordPress theme for starters. That way I can get an idea of what I like and don’t like about portfolio layouts. It takes some time to set up knowing I’ll likely change it later, but at least I don’t buy a theme and then wish I had something different. With a free theme, I learn my lesson and don’t lose any money. After a bit of research, I choose a theme called Photo Grid. I like the simple layout and the large images for the portfolio.




Problem is, as a free theme, its a bit more tricky to manage and set up. Here is where I’m at so far after less than an hour, and right now its not pretty. Still have lots of work to do, but I’m happy to have started. I may end up switching themes part way through, but I’ll have to get a bit further in the process to know for sure. I’ll probably be doing some more research soon on other portfolio ideas I like. I’ll post again when I finish the site.