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This post will be short, but I wanted to give a brief update:

1. I’m still freelancing.  🙂 I work almost every day on some type of freelancing, whether it’s building a WordPress website, or designing a logo, or working on a few of my own projects (my newest? I’ll update my portfolio soon – I’ve been working on some cool new client websites.

2. I’m living in Italy. Yep. Still able to keep in touch with clients. I use Skype with a US calling plan, and I’m all set. I’ve always done things 90% remotely anyways.

3. I’ve been regularly updating my Great Links page. Its still incomplete, but I’m putting relevant links there. Take a look! you might find something that helps you.

4. My wife recently taught herself to use Adobe Illustrator and has been designing invitations and announcements and is preparing to launch a website and sell them. I couldn’t be more proud 🙂

Thats all – I’ve got lots to write, and will do so soon, I just wanted to post a quick update.

All the best,