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Technology is cool.

I just sold my 2009 15″ Macbook Pro. I plan to get a 2011-12 13″ Macbook Air. But I’m currently without a computer.

I thought I had everything figured out by heading up to BYU campus to work from there. I have all my important files on a flash drive. When I arrived at the school and tried to log in to my Gmail account, Gmail didn’t recognize the computer (two-step verification is activated) so sent a verification code to my phone…which I had accidentally left at home.

So I was stuck. I couldn’t log into Gmail, and account recovery takes 3-5 days.

Rather than walk all the way back to my car through the snow, go home and get my phone, and come back, I had to think of something.

So here was my solution:

Enable SMS from Gmail (its in Labs).

Look up my church ward directory online to find the number for some friends who live near my home.

Send an SMS via my other Gmail account (no two-step verification there…I know).

Have my friend go to my home, which conveniently has a keyless entry pad on the door, and go get my verification code from my phone.


I think I’ll turn off two-step verification now.