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Now you can have
your own sticker pack!

(for iMessage on iPhone)

Email files to

(Need design help? Tell me in the email)

File type and sizes?

“Messages supports three sticker sizes, which are displayed in a grid-based browser. Pick a size that works best for your content and prepare all of your stickers at that size.”

The image must be a PNG, APNG, GIF, or JPEG file (I recommend PNG). Each file must be less than 500 KB.

(For more info, you can read Apple’s guidelines here: Design Guidelines for Sticker Packs. Email me with any questions:

Sell & Split

No payment up front. 70/30 profit split (in your favor).


Make it free! It costs you nothing. Yep, completely free.

Sell & donate

Donate all profits to the Central Asia Institute.

Sell & take all

Pay $200 up front. You keep 100% of the profit.