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Take a look at this cool idea.

I love it when people do stuff like this. I just love it. Someone takes a problem that they deal with, comes up with a cool solution, and since other people face the same problem, they create a solution that other people can use too.


It makes me think how cool it would be if everyone could share their collective knowledge in a way that once a problem was solved once, it would be solved for good.

I also love that it was a teacher who did it. Someone with a full time job. Someone who many people just wouldn’t expect would come up with an idea like this and most importantly – actually build a solution for it. Thats cool.

Many people have probably “talked” about the same exact problem, and how cool it would be to solve it. Shoot, some people may have even had the same idea. But the difference is that those people just “talked” about doing it, and here is a guy who actually did it. He got in, he gave it a shot, he created a prototype and a video. He did it.

I love to see unexpected people do unexpected things. Because then you start to expect anyone to do things! And everyone should (in my opinion).

I want to be a person who does something like that.

And I plan to be it. To not just talk about it. To be it. To do it. To create it.