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I have a ton of work at the moment. I have 6 current clients, and 3-5 who want me to start asap. So I need to focus. I need to put in 80 hours this week. But since that won’t happen, I’m going to simply focus on doing what is most important, so I made the following list of things I can do:

– Work
– Email
– Italy
– The Book

Thats it. No Facebook, no Twitter (except replies), no side project, nothing but those 4 things. Yesterday was my first day of it, and it was awesome. I accomplished a lot. And it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (except the Twitter thing . . . maybe I’ll Tweet once or twice).

This exercise has already helped me to realize how much “other stuff” can occupy my time. If I just focus, I can accomplish much more. I’m excited to see how this week-long experiment will go.