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I’ve loved Porsches for as long as I can remember. The design, the attitude, the power, the sportiness. It has been my sports car of choice.

When someone asks me: “What is your favorite car?”

My answer was always: “Porsche”

I recently rode in a Porsche 911 convertible. Beautiful car and I thoroughly enjoyed my ride.

But it is no longer my car of choice.

If I could buy any car right now, I’d buy a Tesla.

A while back, during my “A Porsche is my favorite car” days, I drove up behind, wouldn’t you know it, a Porche and a Tesla. Looking between one and the other, I realized that if I had the choice between those two cars, I would choose the Tesla!

It’s design, it’s forward-thinking. I like the fact that it is an electric car. The feel, the sound, etc.

Model S? Model 3? model X? Not sure.

(btw, you should really, really watch the Model X launch video if you haven’t yet.)