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I’ve been doing my best to keep a good journal as we travel. To give a little insight into our daily life at the moment, I thought I’d post a journal entry from today:

After an oatmeal+flavored honey+greek yogurt-for-breakfast-fail, we headed out to the big long Rethymno beach for the afternoon. Its like 12 km long, crazy. It took a while to get there through the crazy traffic and streets (who stops in the middle of the one way road, and casually blocks traffic while he unloads boxes…c’mon people!). We made it to the beach, averted our eyes from the few topless ladies, and layed our hand towels on the sand. Yes, hand towels…we saved our big towels for our showers. The sun was lovely, we read our books, then went out to play and swim in the water and the waves. It was rocky at first, but about 10 meters out (yes meters…I’m in Europe you know) it became sandy again. We had a good time launching off the waves and doing a little body surfing. I caught one of the best body surfing waves I’ve ever caught today.

After we dried off, we headed back to our airbnb, stopping for groceries on the way. Corinne and I split up to each buy stuff for a dinner of our choice – and lo-and-behold, what did we both choose? A dish that included sausages and vegetables. We can’t seem to get enough since our discovery on Lake Como!

We got ready for the day, then I worked on some freelancing projects and coordinated with my friend Parker to buy an iPhone – because we/I really need it. Really…for maps when we travel, for writing in my journal with a journal app, and for pictures and videos. All the other stuff is really just a bonus, but those things are quite important for me. Corinne worked on booking and planning some stuff for out upcoming travels. Our goal is to have everything in order by the time we meet dad so we can spend our evenings really soaking up our travels instead of researching and booking and planning for our travels. We were happy to some family members today. We love our families and are so happy we can keep in touch.

Looked for a church to go to tomorrow…and guess what….there is no church in Crete. Not on the whole island!! In fact, I did some research and found that there are less than 1,000 members in the whole country of Greece! The whole country!! Wow. I’ve never been in an area where that is the case. Reminds me of the importance of missionary work and spreading the gospel.