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Well, here’s a start.

The start of this site.

The start of writing about my journey from knowing virtually nothing about design, to learning design, with the ultimate goal of founding a startup.

I graduated in marketing and business management. But if I had to do it over, I would major in design and minor in CS. But what is stopping me from learning those things now? Nothing but myself. And since I get to decide what I do – I decided to go for it.

This site is dedicated the persuit of great things. To figuring things out. And to using the resources we have available in our day to do something great. I have questions, and I plan to answer these questions as best as I can. As I find the answers, I’ll share them with you. Things like:

  • How do I learn this stuff? Where do I go? What kind of schedule should I set to learn design?
  • How do I make money? Can I do this full time or will I need a job too?
  • How do I budget? How can I keep track of my time and my money?
  • Do I need an LLC? A business licence?
  • How can I be sure to not get caught up in doing little things, and instead do big things?
  • Will I need to learn to code?

I may not be the best writer. But I’ll get better. And I’m sure I’ll have more questions as time goes on. Maybe you can help me answer them. Maybe you’ll learn something too.

Here’s a start.